Having a Good Attitude

Having a good attitude is one of the main ingredients to being happy and achieving our goals in life. Being positive is not always easy,  we need to focus on the good things in our lives and not on the bad. Remembering to be in the now and not dwelling on the past helps to keep us focused.

A healthy approach to life will also help, if we have a poor diet and little exercise we will feel lethargic and have very  little energy. With a good balanced diet and regular exercise our energy levels will increase and we will be more capable of achieving what we set out out to do. One of the best kinds of exercise is walking, it is low impact and free to do. Exercise increases the endorphins and endorphins relieves stress which helps clear the mind and improves clarity and clarity is power.

Learn How to Blog

When I started to Learn How to Blog I was eager to get started and was very positive about the outcome. I enrolled in the Sean Rasmussen Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program and began my blogging journey.

As I progressed I could see other blogs were so much better than mine and I started to doubt myself. I needed to remind myself they had been blogging longer than me. I then realised I needed to learn as much as I could, build on my skills, and with practice, experience and having a good attitude I would achieve my goals.

I also found that it takes time to build traffic to my sites. Not only did I need to learn all the different strategies to build traffic. I needed to keep focused on my goals, be patient and work at my own pace. At times it may appear to be easier to give up, but the disappointment you will feel for giving up will be so much greater than hanging in there. We need to remind ourselves that yes we can do it and that quitters never win.

Having a Good Attitude and a Plan of Action

Most people these days live busy lives and their spare time is precious. Some days when I sit down to blog I am not sure where to start and I find myself wasting time and I achieve very little. This is very frustrating and not good for the morale and I end up with a negative attitude.

I now realise I need a plan of action, a good routine to follow and having a good attitude is the formula to success.  If I follow a good routine I feel focused, in control and I achieve so much more. This gives me a good feeling of achievement and keeps me in a positive mindset. There maybe times when the plan of action needs to be adjusted to fit in with the direction we are going.

Conclusion to Having a Good Attitude

At times life may get in the way of our plans, we need to accept this and not make it our excuse for not achieving our dreams. We need to be positive, believe in ourselves, see our goals and go for it. By having a good attitude through the power of positive thinking, allowing ourselves time to acquire new skills, knowledge, and taking one day at a time will help reach our goals. The old saying is Rome was not built in a day.

My next post will be the Affiliate Marketing Blog.


  1. Lisa Wood says:

    Hello Kerry,

    Having a good attitude is all about the mindset. Ask, Believe, Receive! It happens every time with the universe and the law of attraction. If you ever feel like giving up – remember that success is only climbing one more small hill and you will be there!! Keep on blogging – you have a great way with words.

    Lisa Wood recently posted..How Do I Set Up A Free WordPress Blog

  2. Kezzali says:

    Thanks Lisa, yes it is important to have the right mindset, but not always easy to keep. I know I just need to keep chipping away at it, I like your advise of climbing one small hill at a time.

  3. i do exactly the same thing sometimes when I sit in front of the computor to write a blog without a clear direction, I easily waste a lot of time and usually end up doing nothing constructive. You certainly do need to have a good attitude and a definate plan to succeed in internet marketing.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Create a Username for Your Facebook Fanpage

  4. Harry Lynn says:

    G’day Kerry,
    Attitude is everything. At the start of the day, a 5 Km walk is my routine exercise, BUT late nights OR cold mornings deter me at first. That is where a strong attitude to maintaining health and fitness kicks in ! OK – get out of bed and get the shoes and shorts on-a few minutes later all is good, and I’m pounding up the hill, panting !
    Harry Lynn recently posted..Learning Piano – My Learning Journey Part Three

  5. Kezzali says:

    Hi Harry

    You need a strong attitude this time of year to get out of bed and go walking. Agree the hardest part is getting started, once you get going it is fine.


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